We are a business dedicated to designing, manufacturing, producing, marketing and exporting uniforms, tablecloths, curtains and accessories for gastronomy, hotels, bingos and casinos.

We dress professionals following the spirit and trajectory achieved from being in the market for 38 years, given that the partners (Matías Saavedra Cuitiño and Lucas Ezequiel Saavedra Cuitiño), sons of the founders (Godoy Ohio Cuitiño and Edgar Richard Saavedra), continuing with the business and family tradition.

We wish to tell you that the current concept of Godoy Group is to constantly renew itself, following trends dictated in the fashion capitals, that also include the company´s uniforms, are at the height of the most famous casinos in the world, the most selected restaurants, the most recognized gastronomic franchises, the most renowned chefs and the four and fair star´s hotel´s chains.

At Goody Group, we take special care in the design, always updating our own production of our won prints, carefully preparing and the final quality control as well as the excellent after-sales service. These tools allow us to be the leading company in Argentina and continue to expand in the global market.


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Design and fashion garments prepare for the labor battle of the day. We strive to create durability and comfort in our garments.

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Since our beginning, we have dressed the best hotel chains in Argentina and Latin America.

We adapt to each hotel´s needs and its areas. Our tailoring is recognized for its great durability and design.

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We make tablecloths with national and imported genres.

Tablecloths for hotels, conventions, catering and restaurants. We have a wide variety of items in stock to provide an immediate delivery response. Anti-stain fabrics.


We are the leading company dressing rooms in Argentina and Latin America.

We provide a unique delivery service in which we solve the dynamics of each casino and its employees. We managed to dress all its areas in record time. We work together with our design and marketing department to achieve the desired design for each room.

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We dress successful projects.

Entrust us with the design and implementation of the garments of your project. Remember that your company uniform is your living image.

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